Who am I?

I am a public servant: my employers have a rule that I can have a business interest as long as I don’t use my job title to further it, so I can’t say what I do. However, a small amount of digging on the internet will possibly give it away. I am a father of two teens – one male, one female, both headstrong, both wonderful (alternating with not-so-wonderful moments), and I am husband to the lovely Theresa (I am not worthy).  I was born in August 1957 - that should save me from having to alter my age on a regular basis (well, annually, at least).

Oh, and I write. Nearly forgot that bit.

Pike’s Quest is my first ‘for sale’ novel. It’s a comedy (I hope) fantasy novel, and you can read the blurb here. If you are a Kindle owner, you can buy it here. If you are not a Kindle owner, you can download apps for iPad/iPhone/iAnything-you-can-think-of/android etc and then buy it here.

Did I mention that Pike’s Quest is on sale at these locations -


To read the blurb, click HERE

My main website is here. It has a full biography here (I'm told it's rather amusing).

My Pike's Quest Blog is here.

I can be contacted here.

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