Saturday, 9 February 2013


In my previous post HERE I conducted an experiment to see if my now ex-employers were right to impose a condition on my writing activities. With only 4 hours and 26 minutes of employment with the Metropolitan Police Service left, I set out to ascertain if my being a police officer would increase sales, as my employer had suggested. Well, the results are in.

No. Nil. Nada.

Not one single sale after the announcement.

I knew they were wrong!

Now, how about buying copies because I'm and EX-police officer? Just sayin' ...


  1. Perhaps your having been a cop is not such a sales pull as they thought...!!

    Realise you haven't been well and hope all better soon - hope to see you and Rathbone kicking around more again!!

    Sorry if I can't return all RTs straight away - the amount I get these days is ludicrous and I'm usually about a day behind on returning - I do prioritise me mates, though!! :)

  2. Thanks, Terry.

    Perhaps if I said I was a two headed alien (close to the truth!) it might have encouraged sales. No worries about the RTs - I'm way behind with everything myself.


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