Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hello, and thanks for all the tweets.

Last weekend I offered Rathbone Kydd... for free via Amazon. I had much support from some wonderful people I’ve befriended on Twitter. I tweeted, they retweeted; they tweeted, I retweeted. Using my secondary Twitter ID I retweeted their retweets and tweeted new tweets which they and my primary ID later retweeted.

There was a lot of tweeting and retweeting. What a pain.

Amazon terms and conditions prevent me from giving full details of how many were shifted but the upshot is that several hundreds of copies are now in circulation – marginally more in the US than the UK – and a whole fifteen copies in Germany (sorry Amazon, too precise?). I even made it into the top three FREE of the SciFi – Mystery/Thrillers and SciFi – High Tech categories in the UK and US.

Then it was over. Obscurity ensued.

BUT there is light: in the UK I have made it into the Top 100 PAID of both of these categories. It’s not a constant listing, but I have occupied the list for four out of five days, dropping out on Friday and popping back in today (Saturday).

Terry Tyler
At this point I would like to thank my most ardent and unpaid publicist, a certain Terry Tyler, who actually bought a copy of RathboneKydd... when he was first unleashed and seems to have fallen in love with him! Ms Tyler has been the single most helpful person in pushing Rathbone into the world. Not only has she written a truly wonderful review of the book on Amazon, but Terry has also tweeted about the book and listed it in her top four indie-book reads of the year on her blog. This is especially gratifying, as Terry is the brilliant author – take a few minutes to check out her books on her Amazon author page. Note the masses of 5 Star reviews for her four published books. I especially loved Dream On, and You Wish was brilliant, too. I shall soon be buying the others. 

You can find Terry Tyler on her blog, on Twitter - @TerryTyler4, on her Amazon Author Page, on Goodreads, and on Facebook.


  1. Woo-hoo, as they say!!! I wasn't actually planning on a fourth husband, ha ha!!! (I mean Rathbone, not you, dummy!)

  2. Gee thanks! The story of my life: always the bridesmaid ...

    I guess I shouldn't be too surprised: no one can match the stamina and greatness for the great sex-god Rathbone Kydd, Gawd bless 'im.

  3. Well done mate. I didn't retweet any of you tweets as I'm not on Twitter now but I did give you a few plugs via Facebook and Google+

    Hopefully Santa will bring me a Kindle and I'll get reading more next year :)

  4. Only a litte bit well done - it didn't take many sales to get in the top 100. Could do with a landslide of sales right about now, then I might make the top 10. Thanks for the mentions on FB + G+, by the way. And enjoy the Kindle - I find it hard trying to read paper books, now.


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