Saturday, 22 September 2012


Today’s the day: Rathbone Kydd - sex'n'drugs'n'quantum stuff is out as an e-book on Amazon and Smashwords.

"Time will reveal everything. It is a babbler, and speaks even when not asked.” Euripides, 480-406 BC

February 2012: Detective Superintendent Derek Burridge is shocked to learn that his estranged wife, Vicky, has been involved in a serious car accident, knocking down a woman and narrowly missing a man. He is even more shocked to learn that the woman is inexplicably in a coma and the man, Rathbone Kydd, thinks he has travelled through time. Derek launches an investigation into Rathbone’s claims, many of which are made  whilst he is a compulsory patient in the mental health department of Plymouth Royal Infirmary. When Derek checks into the alleged suicide of Rathbone’s father in 1972, he seriously considers the possibility that Rathbone is telling the truth.

Derek and Rathbone soon uncover a conspiracy of, quite literally, quantum proportions.

A would-be 1970s rock star; a renegade biker gang; international drug smuggling; a Greek crime lord and his man-eating daughter; the Russian and Greek secret services; British Military Intelligence; quantum physics and a modern day detective all combine in a thriller like no other.

For full details, including samples, click here.

CONTENT WARNING: Contains sexual references, drugs and bad language. Not suitable for those aged under 16 years.

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