Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Book review - Dream On

Dream OnDream On by Terry Tyler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OK, I'm a bloke, I do do this romance stuff, ordinarily.

This isn't ordinary.

I bought this book on Kindle after an exchange of Tweets with the author on Twitter. I shall not repeat here what was Tweeted. I was not actually expecting to enjoy it  - Terry Tyler is a romantic novelist, after all. I was very much mistaken.

The prose is a joy to read. Ms Tyler gradually sucks the reader into the world of would-be rock star Dave Bentley - the man who never really grew up. It is, primarily, his story, but we also follow several others' paths to fame, fortune and misfortune. I've read other reviews where it is said there are laugh out loud moments:I found only one, as I found most of the humour to be gentle; it often brought a smile to my face on the London Underground. (I apologise to the attractive young lady who sat opposite me today and who thought I was leering at her, by the way.)

All I can say is that Terry Tyler is a damned fine writer and this is a damned fine book. Although very different, it reminded of the film 'Love Actually' in the way the different threads if romance and mishap are woven together.

Go on chaps: give it a go.

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