Thursday, 12 July 2012

What I have learned this week

Last week saw the official launch of the paperback edition of my comedy/fantasy book, Pike's Quest. There was no major party - that seemed a little pointless, as it's been on Kindle since October. 

I made an offer to my local writers' circle: if they let me know in advance, by e-mail, I would take some copies to the end of season bash and they could have them at a discounted rate. I posted this on the official blog page of the circle, then on the hidden "members' area", my Facebook Page, the Pike's Quest Facebook page, and the circle's Facebook page ... and I had no requests for copies. 

Dutifully, I turned up at the bash with  no books. I had no intention of taking some on spec. and sitting in the corner, looking embarrassed when no one bought a copy. Anyway, nattering to members I found that most people hadn't read these messages and at least four people told me I should have taken some copies with me and they would have bought one! 

ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH! Information super highway? Read the road signs, people!

I'll take some copies to the unofficial meetings we hold over the summer, and hope I don't end up looking like the sad sap I was trying hard not to look like.

Moving on ...

I am partway through writing the sequel to Pike's Quest - named Pike's ReQuest, and I'm not moving very quickly. This is  due to the fact that I have, in recent weeks, formatted the paperback, done the artwork, edited a very lengthy manuscript for my thriller, Rathbone Kydd, created the cover for said thriller, and also had several hospital visits regarding my Achilles tendon operation.

What  I have learned this week 
1: It's all very well multi-tasking, but doing half-a-dozen things at once means doing  half-a-dozen things slowly
2: No matter how plain your message may be, you can't force others to read it.


  1. I'm pretty sure most writers' groups don't check their emails. Ironic, since they are all about the written word. I tried to join a local writers' group once, but I found them all a bit fossil-ish. I don't think any of them had ever heard of an e-book. I wish I had more like-minded people round here. Hurrah for Twitter!

    BTW, it's not too late to have that launch party...

  2. Hmm, launch party ... I refer you to a blog post I made earlier -

    I thought, maybe, I'm doing this all wrong, and I should just set up a market stall and ball out my wares. Or I should just ram my book down people's throats and steal their wallets as payment. Either way sounds like hard work for little reward.

    Lovely to hear from you at my place, Lacey (@LaceyDearie) - makes a change from Twitter.

  3. I'm trying to visit more blogs. I miss all the gossip when I stick to Twitter!

    Damn, I just went to a random blog and started reading. I'm doing this all wrong. I should just read the most recent, shouldn't I? LOL

  4. Lacey,

    Drop by any time. There's no wrong way ... which conversely must mean there's no right way. Oh sod it, best to do nothing and play safe!


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