Friday, 6 July 2012

The book is out there - and that's the truth

6 July 2011: 

I was going to hold a launch party, but having identified the ideal telephone kiosk I turned up only to find an aged, lonesome, bespectacled ex-banker who was protesting his innocence to all those who believed him. At this point I knew there was a reason for me having two crutches when my physiotherapist has already told me to use only one. I’m sure that Mr Robbo Ruby* will make a full recovery ...

Anyway, today marks the official launch of the paperback version of my book, Pike’s Quest**. It’s been gradually appearing on the various Amazon sites over the last week, but today it has finalised. You can now get Pike on Kindle or as a real, touchy-feely book from all good Amazon websites!

If you feel so inclined, I have no objection to you sharing this extremely interesting news with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and your bank accounts!***

*Name changed to prevent libel action.
**Good reviews on Goodreads, Amazon .com and
***Subliminal coded message meaning, 'consider purchasing'.

See my main website for purchase links

No bankers were harmed in the creation of this blog post.

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