Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cover art - Rathbone Kydd


I've just had an operation to reshape and reconstruct my left Achilles tendon in order rectify a chronic rupture, (misdiagnosed by the NHS for 12 years), and shall be sitting around on my backside for quite some time over the next few weeks. In preparation for my lengthy recuperation, I designed the cover of one of my book projects, Rathbone Kydd, as encouragement to stop feeling sorry for myself and to get on and write. I originally wrote RK several years ago, but he is currently being reworked and will be a much better read once I've tinkered with the manuscript.

Rathbone Kydd is a humorous thriller with quantum stuff, set in Devon (UK) and the Greek Island of Rhodes in the mid 1970s and the current day. This is the cover -

Also, I am working on the sequel to Pike's Quest, aptly named Pike's ReQuest, the cover of which can be seen HERE.

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