Thursday, 13 October 2011

What's on tonight?

Good question.

Tonight I shall be going to Waterstones, St Albans, Herts, for the book launch party of Jonathan Pinnock's Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens. It must be said that Mrs Darcy has had probably the longest lasting book launch ever. She appeared officially on 1st September 2011, but was actually hanging around bookshops a few days earlier. Then there was the blog tour of the universe throughout September, and the official launch at Fantasy Con in Brighton, now the local St Albans event. Gotta give it to JP - his promotional efforts are admirable.

If this was the only event in JP's launch calender, I would feel guilty about what I'm wearing tonight:


As it is, no guilt at all. Keep 'em peeled on this site. I hope to bring to you a photo of me in said tee-shirt in the near future. Of course, if JP does take exception and throws me out, the design may be obscured by blood and tentacles.

But I'll take my chances ...

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