Friday, 14 October 2011

Book promotion at its cutting edge:

Yesterday saw me at the Pinnock Party for Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens. It was a fab night with wine, nibbles (by Pinnock Junior) and featuring the TASTELESS TEE-SHIRT OF SELF PROMOTION. Stand by for a rare treat: this is book promotion at its cutting edge:

The tee-shirt of success?

See? What a treat I must have been for Mr P and his publishers (who, incidentally, didn't want to publish Pike's Quest). Actually, the St Albans branch of Waterstones was so crowded for the main event that I don't think the publisher actually noticed my brazen cheek.

It was good to see so many of the Verulam Writers' Circle in attendence, not to mention all the people I didn't know. I think I saw acertain Jane Holland there, but I only know her fro her blog and Twitter.

Mr Pinnock, of course, gave us a reading from Mrs Darcy: although I've read it and given it a 5* rating on Amazon, it was great to hear it straight from the author's mouth. Of course, No author wants to go into a reading cold, so to warm up, Mr Pinnock did his best Eric Morecambe impersonation.Next, Mr P wasted no time and launched into his reading. What follows is a video recoded by Verulam Writers' Circle's "grumpy chairman", Ian Cundell. 

He was good, that Pinnock, but not as good as my tee-shirt!

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